PIROUETTES AND PAVLOVAS Written by Samantha Molnar Photography by Madeline Gill Edited by Mateo Jarrín Cuvi – Sometimes I can’t talk. When I can’t talk, I dance. Sure, some people may see my graceful movements as erratic, uncontrolled gesticulating, but to the trained eye, I am conveying a complex range of emotions in a unique … Continue reading

Leaving Kathmandu by Jess Saxton

Leaving Kathmandu– Text and photos by Jess Saxton – One last embrace, that’s all we get. I bury my face, breathe deeply and will the tears to come. They don’t. I hold tighter for just a moment longer. “Jess, you’ll miss your flight.” I peel myself away, avoiding meeting his eyes because my own are … Continue reading

Reportage: Australia in bici by Nadir Ambrosini

Nadir Ambrosini, ha 22 anni ed è originario di Brembate, un paese della provincia di Bergamo. E’ sempre stato appassionato di viaggi, imprese avventurose e fuori dal comune. Ha iniziato ad interessarsene fin dai tempi della scuola e all’età di 21 anni, ha deciso di mettersi alla prova compiendo una delle traversate che aveva sempre … Continue reading


  THE DIANA WORLD TOUR – MELBOURNE By Marc Tan   For people who have not had the chance to experience Lomography, it is basically all about the pleasure of shooting an analogue camera without having to follow the proper rules of photography, but instead, go against them. These plastic cameras are designed to produce … Continue reading