On the Spot: Barbaros Cangürgel

Barbaros Cangürgel (1992) is from Turkey, İzmir.He has been taking photographs since he was sixteen years old. He is a student of Cinema in the Department of Fine Arts in Dokuz Eylül University. He is very interested in visual arts. Barbaros does not see himself as a ‘photographer’, he prefers to define his images as “visual data” rather than “digital images”. His works are deeply influenced by poetry, literature and cinema. Barbaros is also interested in plant sociology and anatomy and in Jean Baudrillard’s theory of simulation.

Edited by Chiara Costantino







8519581168_1a233b910e_c 8647998209_b28333c5bb_c7509571080_78ee29eab4_c
( Images © Barbaros Cangürgel)

More about Barbaros Cangürgel’s works here


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