Showcase: Sebastian Wesman

Sebastian Wesman is a composer and filmmaker born in Argentina, currently living in Estonia, where he produces his work. His work includes albums like “Invento” (2006), “Astronomic Panoram” (2010), “Otros Parámetros” (2013) and film projects “A Blue Bird” (2012), “Visual Poems” (2013) and  a short film, “New World” (2014). This year sees the birth of … Continue reading

Visual Poems by Sebastian Wesman

“Visual Poems” is a film project made by the team of composer and filmmaker Sebastian Wesman. The film is divided into seven visual poems that are all filmed in Tallinn, Estonia. “Visual Poems” is an ensemble of short cinematographic pieces which their author defines as haikus in image. Text by Andrus Keller [Traduzione in italiano in … Continue reading