Showcase: Liat Aharoni


Liat Aharoni graduated in political science at the University of Toronto; this helped her to explore issues related to womanhood, struggle and identity. She is a self-taught photographer who seeks to elevate these narratives into surreal and fictional imagery. Liat’s work aims to portray the concept of balance in life, between the grotesque and beautiful. It is both celebratory and reflective of humankind. 

Interviewed by Marinos Tsagkarakis
Edited by Chiara Costantino

Hi Liat! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for being so young but you have already  created such a beautiful and interesting work. Would you consider yourself “talented”?

I do consider myself talented but it’s crucial to be confident in your own work – why would I expect anyone else to like or support what I do if I don’t like it myself? With that being said, I never want to weigh my work and feel too satisfied. I always want to be learning more.


How and when did you decide to experiment with photography?

I’ve gravitated towards art my entire life but my unhappiness in school two years ago led me to experiment with photography.. This experimentation took me on a completely different and unexpected path. I realized the extent in which I can use it for creative expression and not only for documentation.

Liat 7

Are you self-taught or have you attended any photography school/courses?

To say self-taught would be somewhat untrue, I would consider it more self-driven than self-taught, as I push myself to learn outside of a classroom setting. My photography education consists of practice, learning from others as well as taking advantage of the abundant resources found online.

Liat 6

Please, tell us more about the technique you use for the composition of your images.

As my resources, funding, and equipment are limited I rely heavily on Photoshop to create specific effects in post production.

Liat 5

What are the issues that you prefer to explore and raise through your images? 

I’ve been pretty consistent with the themes that I focus on – those that connect to surrealism, fantasy, femininity, darkness.. But regarding specific issues, I find that the issues I deal with have to do with where I am in life at the time of creating each picture. In that sense they are somewhat autobiographical.

Liat 4

It is obvious that your work is focused on humankind and especially womankind. Could you tell us more about this preference? 

I love photographing women for a number of reasons. Perhaps because softness and femininity are aspects that I tend to insert into my work and I find it easiest to do so by photographing women. I also find that developing relationships with models is critical and preferable. My shooting experiences often demand vulnerability in models and as I am a woman developing a relationship is extremely non-threatening and positive.

Liat 3

Do you think that your studies on political science play a critical role for the way you think and act on your artwork? 

Sure, life is cumulative but I think that my interests have remained consistent even before I studied politics. I infused the premise of my education – the practice of politics – with content that I’ve been interested in prior to university – primarily to do with women. In that way the education that I’ve received has allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding about issues that I enjoy, and deal with constantly in my work.

Liat 2

Do you prefer to create color or B&W images and why so? 

They are two different beasts and I would like to concentrate on colour images before I tackle black and white!

Liat 1

Are there any specific photographers or artists who have inspired your work?

Of course, many!


Do you thing that your images as a work of art are closer to photography, graphic design or something else?

The entire process of capturing and editing is digital but I would still consider it photography.


The last decades many Canadian photographers have risen. Who is your favorite?

My mother is a teacher and a previous student of hers has grown to be an incredible artist – Kitra Cahana – I would highly recommend her as an instant favourite!


If you had the possibility to make the portrait of a famous woman of the past, whom would you choose?

Toughest question yet haha! I would have loved to photograph Janis Joplin.

(Images © Liat Aharoni)

More about Liat Aharoni’s work


marinos_tsagkarakis Marinos Tsagkarakis (1984, Crete, Greece) lives in Thessaloniki. He works as an economic analyst and Deputy  Director in an international non-profit organization for trade & exports. He started dealing with photography 10  years ago. He studied contemporary photography at STEREOSIS Photography School in Thessaloniki. In 2013 he  obtained the winning award in 7th Photoday Contest among 192 professional and amateur photographers. Also,  he has participated in team-exhibitions and  in several Photographic Workshops of renowned photographers. He  used to shoot with 35mm format but finally he has turned to medium format 6×6. You can see a sample of his work  on his site.

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