Reportage: Alexandria by Jean-Marc De Coninck

Alexandria: And this freedom?

Photos and text by Jean-Marc De Coninck


Egypt’s most occidental and second town, continues actively with the participation of evicting Mohamed Morsi, the in 2012 democratically elected president and founder of the party for Liberty and Justice (PJL) emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Alexandria, once housing one of world’s seven Wonders, crossroad to occidental as well as oriental intellectuals and artists, represents actually nothing more than a fallow town, beaten by the winds coming from the sea, knocked out by the
sun, collapsing under garbage, having bumpy roads and worn buildings…

Remains her old crowded train, her dubble-deck tramway, some stylish houses, the remnants of the old lighthouse, the illustrious library and the beaches giving the sentiment of a recovered liberty.

The general deployed his tanks at the crossroads and nearby the mosques but cafes remember to everybody that smoking the shicha or sipping tea has to be done together and the ‘corniche’, is still the main axis, Lada taxi-cabs, old carts
and strollers rushing through. Some among them proudly waving banners to the glory of the military, others, pro- or anti Morsi groaning inwardly. To some of them their kidnapped president, to the others a sentiment of stolen democracy.

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Jean-Marc De Coninck was born on a sunny day in 1965 in Brussels, Belgium. He graduate in Photography at INRACI in Brussels in 1988. He works as a free-lance photographer. His work has been exhibited at FotoMuseum Antwerpen, Museo de San Francisco – Granada – Nicaragua).

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