The Best of Fluster: Micah Camara

Once a month Fluster  will present again some of the best contris appeared on the magazine in the past years. here again for you Micha`s underwater world!

Micah Camara is 20 years old. Micah claims that the island of Kauai, Hawaii (where is currently living) is the most beautiful place in the world and looking at his pictures we think he is probably right…

When did you start taking pictures?

-I started when I was 18, about two years ago, when my sister found a Nikon D50 sitting at a scenic lookout, with no one around to claim it. I started toying around with it, taking it with me everywhere I went, and the rest is history.

What is photography for you?
-Photography for me is going about life in the best way I can, meeting all kinds of people along the way… sharing fun moments with them, and having the best possible time, and if I’m lucky enough I’ll be there to capture one of those moments. I think that life is so beautiful all around us, the beauty of nature is just BEGGING to be photographed, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to enjoy it.

Who/what is your inspiration?

-I’ve been an artist since the day I could hold a pencil in my hand. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with the Earth and the beautiful things that can come from it. I’m in a constant love affair with nature, and I’m always being inspired by it. Sometimes I’m inspired by the photos I see in magazines and fancy books, other times the only inspiration I need is going for a walk and appreciating some natural beauty.

You often portrait beautiful girls in extraordinary locations. How do you set up your work?

-All the girls I photograph are either my family, or good friends. Everywhere I go, I carry a camera with me; whether it’s to lunch, the beach, or on a hike. Most of the time, they’ll be standing there and the light is hitting them just right, and I just have to snap a couple photos. I don’t ever make appointments for shoots, so every picture I take is natural and was captured while we were just having fun or shooting the breeze.

I tried to get into Model Mayhem to get in touch with a few professional models in my area, but they denied my application for an account haha… So until the day I can be more professional with my work, I’ll continue to use the beautiful girls who I already know on a day to day basis.

What kit do you use for your underwater photography and how did you start with it?

-I own a custom SPL housing, for my D90. A friend of mine just had his first daughter and is working full time at the local fire station, so he didn’t have much time for taking pictures. He wanted to get into underwater photography but never had the time or passion for it, so he sold his whole set up to me. So far that’s the only set up I have ever got to use, so it’s my favorite! The quality craftsmanship will probably keep me as a lifetime customer of SPL though.

(Images © Micah Camara – More of his work here)

One Response to “The Best of Fluster: Micah Camara”
  1. these are beautiful! i think the turtle is my favorite =D

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